Do I need an appointment for my pet?
Yes. We do require that you make an appointment. Our hours are 7:00am to 6:00pm, Tuesday thru Saturday. You drop your pet off between 7:00am and 10:00am. We operate on a "first come; first served" basis for the drop off. What this means is that if you show up at 7:00am; you can schedule an earlier pick up time. Unfortunately we are not able to have pets ready any earlier than noon time. We rely on the pick up time established when you dropped off your pet.

Are the pets taken out for "potty" breaks?
Yes…as weather permits. We make every effort to take the pets out after they have been bathed, dried and groomed.

Do you provide them with water?
Yes. After they have been walked, your pets are offered water.

Do you provide crate free grooming?

Do you groom big dogs?
Yes. Our shop is capable of grooming larger dogs. We have hydraulically driven grooming tables that lower for the dog to climb on and raise up for the Groomer to work efficiently. Older dogs and ones with special needs are often groomed on the floor to make the experience less stressful for them.

Do you groom cats?
Yes. We groom many cats of all breeds. We bathe, dry, brush, trim nails and groom as per your instructions. Many of our "kitties" seem to prefer the "lion cut"!

Do you groom "special needs" pets?
Yes. Pets with special needs are accepted on a case by case basis. Your pet's safety is very important to us, as is the safety of our staff. Therefore, grooming service may be terminated if there appears to be any risk to your pet or our staff.

What if I need to change or cancel my appointment after hours?
Hairy Beast has an answering machine on which you can leave messages. We return all calls as soon as possible. On some occasions, the call may be answered remotely by one of our friendly staff members who can make or change any appointments.

What type of shampoos do you offer?
We use Spa brand shampoos at no additional charge. It includes blueberry vanilla facial scrub and comfort scented house shampoo. Your pup will come home smelling absosutely wonderful. However, for an additional fee of $3, we also offer a variety of other shampoos to include: Medicated, Oatmeal, Whitening, etc. Another option is for you to provide your own shampoo which can be kept at the shop or returned to you after each visit.
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